Medical Device Information Analysis and Sharing Initiative (MDIAS)

MDIAS is a voluntary partnership between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the private sector formed to proactively analyze broad and extensive medical device-related data to improve healthcare outcomes for patients.

MDIAS Community

The MDIAS community currently includes a subset of the medical device ecosystem – device manufacturers, healthcare providers, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – that contribute time, expertise, and data to the effort. Select one of the groups below to learn more about how to be involved.


MDIAS Studies

Learn more about how the MDIAS study results contribute to advancing device quality and ultimately, patient safety.

MDIAS Fact Sheets

MDIAS Information Sheet

Download MDIAS Factsheet

MDIAS Proof of Concept

Download MDIAS POC Factsheet

MDIAS Partners

MDIAS partners and supporting organizations include device manufacturers, a healthcare provider network, a government agency, and trade associations. Listed below are some of our MDIAS Early Adopters.

Boston Scientific
Celo Nova
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