Healthcare Providers

We Need Healthcare Providers

The MDIAS community is currently expanding. Healthcare providers and facilities, including clinicians and hospital systems, are needed as partners. The mission of MDIAS is to improve patient safety, quality, and satisfaction outcomes by collaboratively leveraging data across the medical device ecosystem. In order to lead the effort toward continuous improvement for medical device quality, safety, and patient experience, representation is needed from the entire ecosystem – participation from providers is essential.

Did You Know?

Over 150,000 healthcare facilities in the US use at least one medical device. Use of these devices creates an opportunity to share and synthesize data across the medical device ecosystem. Ongoing and future MDIAS studies objectively and systemically analyze data in a collaborative, sanction-free, non-competitive environment to accelerate problem-solving needed to improve device quality and patient safety. 

By participating in MDIAS alongside industry partners, government agencies, and regulators, healthcare providers can bring clinical and technical insights and perspectives to the table. MDIAS partners contribute their time, expertise, and data for aggregate analysis for studies, and benefit from having direct contact with manufacturers and the FDA to discover common quality and safety issues that span across health systems. Medical device manufacturers and regulators are excited to hear from health providers with on-the-ground experience about what is and isn’t working. Join today and bring a different perspective to increase the voice of the health systems. 


Value Proposition

By increasing MDIAS participation, healthcare providers may experience the following benefits:

  • Improve patient experience, safety, and quality of life
  • Engage in study design through subject matter expertise
  • Improve provider experience
  • Improve efficiency
  • Expand research portfolio
  • Better and safer utilization of medical devices

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with MDIAS. Time commitment varies based on the current schedule of study activities – study working groups meet anywhere from every other week to once a month. MDIAS also holds a stakeholder summit annually. There are no monetary costs to participate in MDIAS.

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MDIAS Participation Levels

MDIAS Member – Organizations that voluntarily participate in MDIAS share expertise, time, and insights. Members participate in study ideation and may contribute to informational interviews conducted by the TTP. MDIAS Members attend a 2-day Summit once a year and provide support for studies (60-90 minutes per month). Members receive high-level aggregate reports, process evaluation, and reflections from data study results.

MDIAS Partner – Organizations that demonstrate their intention to share non-public data through a signed Cooperative Agreement (i.e., legal data use agreement). MDIAS Partner organizations continue to share expertise, time, insights, and efforts, and also provide time and effort from legal team and key decision-makers throughout MDIAS efforts. Partners receive aggregate reports, process evaluation, and reflections from data study results.

MDIAS Data Provider – Partners that contribute non-public data for study analysis (Cooperative Agreement must be signed). Data Providers continue to share expertise, time, and insights, and also the time and effort from the data expert for the one-time data sharing. MDIAS Data Providers also can participate in study working groups (up to 90 minutes per month). Data Providers receive interim results, access to the benchmark dashboards, aggregate reports, process evaluation, and reflections from data study results.

MDIAS Governing Committee Member – Decision-makers responsible for strategy and oversight of the MDIAS Partnership. Currently, the Governing Committee (GC) has 5 members (by vote) and 2 vacant seats. GC members attend monthly meetings and review MDIAS materials (up to 90 minutes per month), receive interim results and aggregate reports of data study results, and a seat at the table for MDIAS efforts.

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