Current Research

Current MDIAS Research

Currently, MDIAS is conducting a Complaints Study as part of the Proof of Concept, Phase II.

MDIAS Proof of Concept Phase II Studies utilize nonpublic data from medical device manufacturers, small business manufacturers that provide parts for medical device manufacturers, and healthcare providers. MDIAS study participants sign cooperative agreements to begin the process of sharing nonpublic data.

The current ongoing Phase II Study is the complaints study. If you are interested in participating in the complaints study (or any current or future MDIAS efforts) please fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.

Complaints Study

The complaints study was developed through ideation with MDIAS participants and the MDIAS Governing Committee. The purpose of the study is to explore the relationship between medical device complaints and recalls, connecting adverse events from provider complaint to manufacturer complaint to medical device records. Participants and study working group members receive data study results – including interim results, benchmark dashboards, aggregate reports, process evaluations, and reflections in exchange for their time, effort, insights, and/or sharing non-public data for analysis. 

The study hypothesis is that complaints have a quantifiable relationship with recalls – referring to complaints as any reported issue or grievance related to the medical device ecosystem model. Complaints may come from patients, providers, distributors, or other stakeholders and may refer to a specific device, product line, or may not be well specified. 

If you are interested in participating and collaborating with other MDIAS participants to provide subject matter expertise and assist in the use and interpretation of data to support analysis, please fill out the Contact Us Form below!


Participation in MDIAS Studies

Any stakeholder that is interested in participating in studies can share their expertise, time, or any other information that could contribute to a specific study or general MDIAS operations. It is not required to be a MDIAS Data Partner to participate in a MDIAS study. The level of participation across MDIAS study participant varies.

All participants receive access to insights from the results of the studies. Participants that do provide nonpublic data additionally receive access to more detailed findings.

To find out more about how you can get involved with MDIAS research, fill out the Contact Us form below!


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